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399103_10150490977894432_758274346_n August 15

Your Kids and their Different Personalities

Contributed by Eva Fleming I knew I was in for a treat when I brought my third child home from the hospital. He had to be rocked all the time and never, I mean never be put down in his crib. The experts encouraged me to put him down and let him wail all night […]

gift-giving May 26

What am I Passing on to my Kids:  A Gift or Baggage?

Contributed by Eva Fleming What specific character traits, positive or negative, did you learn from your mother? What about your father? How are you most like your grandmother or grandfather? Answering these questions will show you what traits you received from previous generations. All of us, whether we want it or not, have received a […]

kids and technology April 04

How to Balance Technology in the Home

Contributed by Eva Fleming Each generation of parents has their own unique challenges and ours is clearly the excess of technology our children are being bombarded with. The problem is so new that the wisdom of the past generation has little to add when this highly addictive behavior is exhibited in their presence. What can […]

listen-with-your-heart March 31

Listen With Your Heart

Contributed by Omaira Gonzalez I remember a time when my daughter and I were getting ready to attend a women’s conference. She had been asked to perform a dance that day. As we were getting ready, I spent moments earlier holding her in my arms consoling her from a heartbreak she had experienced, drying her […]

1486637_10202216546831225_785080886_n January 07

Stuck inside? Don’t lose your parenting sanity…

Contributed by Dr. Alicia La hoz   If you have children, your patience may be tested as you enter into a second day of school closings due to the weather – not to mention having them for the holiday break.  And even if you super bundle-up your kids, it’s even too cold to take them […]

images June 04

Sibling Rivalry

Contributed by Eva Fleming  |  2013   The Olsen twins are the most famous siblings I know. When I see them I make two observations: They like high-end fashion and complement one another like fudge on ice cream. I don’t know if this is the reality behind the camera but it is the impression that […]

Truth is…Raising Kids today is a Challenge

That’s the plain truth according to parents from the Chicagoland area. Whether raising an infant, toddler, preteen, or teenager, the role of a parent or caretaker has become a much more complicated task. Dealing with issues like tantrums, long working hours, technology-absorbed children and adults, teens that think they know it all, and the increasing […]

How much activity is enough?

Contributed by Eva Fleming How much activity is enough? Some of us carry our daily activities to a controversial and even harmful level. We are so busy trying to achieve our goals that our disquieted spirits take us from one activity to the next without time for tranquility, intimacy and reflection. We don’t pause to […]

Raising Confident Children

Contributed by Brittany Mershon, MA One of the questions I am frequently asked as a therapist is, “How can I help my child to be more confident?”  Confidence is a multifaceted concept to address. First, confidence is not a feeling, it’s a commitment. Confidence is not the absence of fear, but rather a commitment to […]

A myth of moms who “have it all”

Contributed by Nadia Persun, PhD Two weeks ago I received a call from a local newspaper. After a brief introduction, the reporter named Jane said, “I am thinking about writing a story about professional working women who are good at multi-tasking their family and work lives.” Cheerful and enthusiastic, perhaps in her twenties, Jane added, “You […]


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