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woman-engagement-ring-625km122413 March 11

Engagement Ring vs. Key Ring

Contributed by Sarah Pichardo I was watching an episode from one of my favorite TV shows when something happened that befuddled me. In the very short scene, one character is confiding in another about his decision to ask his girlfriend to move in with him. The response from the other character is “I guess moving […]

Cries of the Children

Contributed by Alicia La Hoz, PsyD At a time where many anticipate the joy and good will ushered by the Christmas season, our cheer is detained.  The peace and hope we wish to all through our sharing of Christmas cards, goodies and gifts feels helplessly out of place when what we otherwise feel is sorrow, […]

Raising Confident Children

Contributed by Brittany Mershon, MA One of the questions I am frequently asked as a therapist is, “How can I help my child to be more confident?”  Confidence is a multifaceted concept to address. First, confidence is not a feeling, it’s a commitment. Confidence is not the absence of fear, but rather a commitment to […]


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