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Husbands, learn to say “Yes Honey” and renew the romance in your relationship

Contributed by Alicia La Hoz, PsyD One of the recurring complaints that I hear from men about their wives is that they nag them to the point where they feel like they’re one of the kids. If you’re a husband, have you ever asked yourself why it is that your wife asks you to do […]

IStock_HispanicFamily22 January 29

The War on Poverty

Contributed by Alicia E. La Hoz, Psy.D. When I grow up, I will meet a girl I want, get married and have three children.”  Our four-year old child has a clear picture of what marriage is and already envisions that he too will be married.  Unfortunately this is not the case for many other Hispanic […]

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Change Your Old Script for a New One

Contributed by Dr. Alicia La Hoz Listen carefully to yourself and you will recognize a familiar script that seems to automatically roll off your tongue. Your spouse and children easily recognize this script. Instead of mobilizing them toward action, your words seem to touch off a trigger point, causing them to roll their eyes or […]

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Why You Should Not Teach Your Kids to Be Thankful

Contributed by Dr. Alicia La Hoz, PsyD   Criticism, being judgmental and fault finding are all too often what prevails in the snippets of communication that occurs in many homes. Parents are often preoccupied with what should happen, what should have been said or on how much better things could have been done. This type […]

DWIMoney_Children_Header2 July 31

Deal With It: Money

Contributed by Eva Fleming   Can you remember the moment when you realized that you and your spouse had different financial spending habits? My husband and I were cruising along in financial bliss for five years until we bought our home. This is when I discovered that our differences were going to tear us emotionally […]

The silent treatment

Contributed by Dr. Alicia La Hoz, Family Bridges’ Program Director You are upset and bothered. You decide that it’s better to simply ignore your partner and hope he/she gets the point. The silence game is your last resort because you are officially over it and you figure this is the best way to get back […]


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