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iStock_000008099278XSmall October 17

No Marriage Shutdown

Contributed by Eva Fleming   We just came out of government shutdown. Lawmakers from both political parties persisted on talking past each other without actually talking to each other, creating a crisis for many Americans. The folks in government finally came to a temporary compromise and have ended the shutdown. What would happen if, in […]

rollercoaster October 16

The Marital Rollercoaster

Contributed by  Christian Zapata, LCSW Marriage can be like a rollercoaster. You have your ups and your downs. Most couples can recall all those special moments they’ve shared and cherished. These moments continue to serve as steady reminders of the person with whom they fell in love. These special moments could be memories of their wedding […]

What if our relationships or marriage had election days?

Contributed by  Alicia La Hoz, PsyD The anticipation built after months of training, campaigning, fundraising, debating, and strategizing came and went – Election Day.   The nation hurried to the polls to cast their vote. Then, with much excitement and anxiety, everyone waited for the outcome. While half of the country danced with joy and happiness […]

Dealing with Difficult People: Switching Off An Angry Person

 Contributed by Nadia Persun, PhD Anytime I see people having angry altercations, I perk up my ears and observe intently. I watch their displays, not in a sadistic or feeling superior kind of way, but fascinated with how it unfolds: “Will it work for them? Are they going to get what they want with this […]

The silent treatment

Contributed by Dr. Alicia La Hoz, Family Bridges’ Program Director You are upset and bothered. You decide that it’s better to simply ignore your partner and hope he/she gets the point. The silence game is your last resort because you are officially over it and you figure this is the best way to get back […]


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