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scrabble December 30

Change Your Old Script for a New One

Contributed by Dr. Alicia La Hoz Listen carefully to yourself and you will recognize a familiar script that seems to automatically roll off your tongue. Your spouse and children easily recognize this script. Instead of mobilizing them toward action, your words seem to touch off a trigger point, causing them to roll their eyes or […]

Being Reactive or Proactive In Relationships: The Choice is Yours

Contributed by Nadia Persun, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist Another marital session with Mary was spent discussing her frustration with her husband. She told once again how he lacks empathy and ability to listen, has poor communication skills and messes up most of the things he does. In the last few months of therapy, her husband […]

I love you. Now, change!

Contributed by Nadia Persun, PhD She married him because he was hardworking. She was considering divorce because he turned out to be a workaholic who was barely ever home. She loved his smile and sense of humor. Now she was blaming him for being bitter and sarcastic. She appreciated his easy going nature and laid […]


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