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familylegacy July 16

Volunteering: A Family Legacy

Contributed by Eva Fleming I was only four years old when I first started cracking eggs for the potato salad that would be served for the entire under privileged community of Santiago in the Dominican Republic. My dad would buy 500 pounds of potatoes, hundreds of eggs, 250 chickens to be roasted and served every […]

ice-cream-bowl June 04

Ice Cream for the Soul

Contributed by Sarah Pichardo My dad passed away last year and this will be the first time where my family will celebrate Father’s Day without him. He will always be on our mind and in our hearts and to honor him this Father’s Day, I am having a big bowl of ice cream. My dad […]

stock-footage-father-and-son-talk-on-cell-phones June 01

Dads in 2014

Contributed by Christian A. Zapata, LCSW A few weeks ago I found myself at Panera Bread having lunch with my nineteen month-old son.  I glanced across the aisle to see another father-son duo having lunch as well, except the father was a bit older and son seemed to be in his teens. During their entire […]

gift-giving May 26

What am I Passing on to my Kids:  A Gift or Baggage?

Contributed by Eva Fleming What specific character traits, positive or negative, did you learn from your mother? What about your father? How are you most like your grandmother or grandfather? Answering these questions will show you what traits you received from previous generations. All of us, whether we want it or not, have received a […]

happy family May 15

How to Help Build Relationships in the Home

Contributed by Eva Fleming Building relationships in the home can be difficult. Home is the place where you cannot camouflage your moral and personal failures. On the contrary, it is the place where they are amplified and examined with a magnifying glass. As if that wasn’t stressful enough, our homes can easily turn into places […]

Hispanic Man, Woman and Child having fun in the park. May 13

Invest in Your Kids this Summer

Contributed by María Buchanan Summer is around the corner and the school year is about to come to an end. Summer vacation can bring a few challenges and stress to families. While some of us may take a family vacation for a week or two, there’s still 11 or so additional weeks where our kids […]

kids and technology April 04

How to Balance Technology in the Home

Contributed by Eva Fleming Each generation of parents has their own unique challenges and ours is clearly the excess of technology our children are being bombarded with. The problem is so new that the wisdom of the past generation has little to add when this highly addictive behavior is exhibited in their presence. What can […]

listen-with-your-heart March 31

Listen With Your Heart

Contributed by Omaira Gonzalez I remember a time when my daughter and I were getting ready to attend a women’s conference. She had been asked to perform a dance that day. As we were getting ready, I spent moments earlier holding her in my arms consoling her from a heartbreak she had experienced, drying her […]

Poor Jack: forgot to ask

Contributed by Charles Woehr You still can’t believe it – how could people be so careless? What were they thinking? Or better: why weren’t they thinking? And now, the damage is done…too late to change their minds, too late to make last minute adjustments, the only thing left is their posthumous cry: “OH, NO!!” It […]

lovechallenge March 03

10 Love Challenges

Contributed by Sarah Pichardo I’m from a family of six girls. As you can imagine, getting a word in can be a little difficult, especially since all six of us are pretty opinionated. If there’s one thing, however, that all six of us have in common, aside from being stubborn, is that we are all […]


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