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The Sky is the Limit!

Contributed by Omaira Gonzalez Bills, bills, and more bills kept coming with no money to pay them. My husband was barely making minimum wage and hardly spoke any English. I was pregnant with… Continue reading

Money and you

By Eddie Morales The way you manage your money reflects a lot on how you will handle other things in your life. Finances are a major cause of stress, marital problems, breakups, but… Continue reading

Do finances affect your marriage?

By Eva Fleming If you and your partner are like most couples, chances are, you argue about money sometimes (some of you do it all of the time!). Money is one of the… Continue reading

The Art of Giving

Contributed by Christian Zapata  It is that time of year again when the snow begins to fall, houses are decorated with festive lights, and the shopping malls are filled with eager customers in… Continue reading

Sharing is Caring: Helping Those in Need

Contributed by Eva Fleming   In the famous book, Little Princess, we read the story of a girl named Sarah whose father, before his unexpected death, left her in a boarding school in… Continue reading

Social Media vs. Family Time

Contributed by Eva Fleming If we’re not careful, we may allow time spent on social media, electronic games, and TV to take away from family time. That’s why it’s so important to intentionally develop… Continue reading

The Art of Being a Mom

Contributed by Eva Fleming When my daughter was 13-years old, she started to master the longboard, a kind of board larger than its counterpart the skateboard. She had fun with her friends going… Continue reading

Talk to your teens about sex

Contributed by Sarah Pichardo Ok. I already know you’re asking yourselves, why is a single, childless person writing about this? The answer is simple. I just had to. No, seriously. I was at… Continue reading

Compassion is not Pity

Contributed by Eva Fleming My son had not seen his friend for over a year, but when he heard that his father had died un-expectantly, he knew he wanted to be present at… Continue reading

Thou Shall Irritate Your Spouse

Contributed by Alicia La Hoz, PsyD Do you wake up in morning purposely thinking how you can irritate your spouse by doing, or not doing, something that irritates him or her? Leaving the… Continue reading