1_1427286931 January 20

It May Seem a Dream

Contributed by Josie Cardona As with other couples, a dream that my husband and I always had was to purchase a house. But, it seemed that it was always going to be that – a dream. We were struggling to make ends meet even with 2 incomes. We were living in a neighborhood infested with […]

helloHappy2 December 09

Spread the Happy

Contributed by Sarah Pichardo During this time of year, there’s a lot of talk about compassion and giving. And in a world where we tend be extremely self-centered, this reminder to focus on other people is particularly important. According to good ol’ Webster, compassion is “the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate […]

13327710_xl December 01

Give till it Hurts

Contributed by Eva Fleming George Muller stared at the beggar girl who could not have been older than five and was piggybacking her even younger brother through the streets of Bristol. Her mother had died in the cholera epidemic that swept through England in the nineteenth century. Her father had never returned home from the […]

compassion-is-a-verb November 11

Compassion is not Pity

Contributed by Eva Fleming My son had not seen his friend for over a year, but when he heard that his father had died un-expectantly, he knew he wanted to be present at the memorial service. When we got there, I was pleased to see that my son and I were not the only ones […]

iStock_000017823593_Large October 08

Why We Should Stop Comparing Our Children

Contributed by Eva Fleming I am always disappointed when after only a few days of school, the first thing my kids’ teachers have to say is, “your son is finally breaking out of his shell.” What does that mean anyway? Does it mean that they didn’t work hard the first two weeks of school? That […]

iStock_000020662105Large September 24

Powerful Parenting: Anger Management Tips for Children

Contributed by Nadia Persun, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Anger occurs when a person of any age is feeling overwhelmed and overpowered. It is our way to say “No, stop it! I don’t like it. It is unfair. I can’t handle it,” and so on. Since children have many rules to learn and follow daily, they […]

domestic-violence_7999 September 12

Lessons Learned from Ray Rice

Contributed by Alicia La Hoz, PsyD There are a lot of take aways from the Ray Rice story taking the internet by storm. It took seven months for the video of Ray Rice punching his now-wife to become public. Lesson learned: Secrets eventually make their way to the public light and efforts to submerge them […]

ANXIOUS September 08

It’s a Jungle Out there

Contributed by Eva Fleming We make a big deal about sending our children back to school, and to show them our support we buy them an entire closet full of school supplies, designer clothes, and costly shoes. Sometimes we do it out of guilt because deep down inside we know that we are about to […]

url August 29

Are You Ready for the School Year?

Contributed by Elsa Monroig Back-to-school time can be either a pleasant or a stressful experience – it all depends on your attitude. Sometimes we lose the perspective of how important it is for kids to be emotionally ready for school. This tends to happen when all of our focus is on the economic impact of […]


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